Remember VICPP in Your Estate Planning

Many people give generously to charities in their lifetime, but bequeath all their resources in death to their children. If your estate is modest, this make sense. If your estate has grown over the years, consider how you might use some of your resources to advocate social justice by making a social justice organization, like the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy, a beneficiary of one of your funds or listed in your will.


List VICPP as a Beneficiary

If you have an IRA, a bank account, a pension, deferred compensation plan or life insurance, you have had to designate who your beneficiaries are. It is easy to change your beneficiaries. Simply ask the institution for the form and put in the change. For example, you might designate 50 percent to your children and 10 percent each to five different charities. You may need VICPP’s FEIN number for this, which is 54-1362857.


Put VICPP in Your Will

Another way to support charities is to designate the charity in your will. You can either designate an amount ($5,000 to the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy) or a percentage (5 percent). Remember that the beneficiary designations are likely to override the information in your will if they are not in agreement.


Let VICPP Know of Your Plans

VICPP would love to know if you have included the organization in your estate plans. If you would like your information kept anonymous, VICPP will respect that. On the other hand, you can help encourage others by having your name listed as having included VICPP in your estate plans.


Some Who Have Included VICPP

The following are some of the people VICPP has been told have included the organization in their estate plans:

Ms. Kim Bobo

Mr. Scott Christian

Rev. James Payne

Rev. Charles Swadley