Access to HealthcareVirginia Consumer Voices (VCV) for Healthcare is a project of the Center and together we focus on ensuring that all Virginians have access to high-quality, affordable health care. We will continue to press for expanding Medicaid to reach the greatest number of people who fall into the health care coverage gap in Virginia. By some estimates, there remain approximately 400,000 Virginians that would benefit from making Medicaid more available and federal funds are already set aside. Most of the people that are left in the coverage gap are working and simply earn too much to benefit from the current Medicaid program in Virginia (helps persons earning less than 33% of the federal poverty line).

By all accounts, Virginia would greatly benefit if we expand the Medicaid program to close the gap in health care coverage. Our current system is straining to care for uninsured individuals and families. The Virginia Hospital & Health Care Association, the Medical Society of Virginia, and most every other interested group including labor organizations and the Virginia Chamber of Commerce all agree that we need to expand Medicaid.

We will continue to educate people about enrollment in the federal health insurance marketplace. We will also be working to identify program and practice changes that will improve network adequacy. Network adequacy refers to the ability of a health plan to provide enrollees with timely access to a sufficient number of in-network providers, including primary care and specialty physicians, as well as other health care services included in the benefit contract. States have a variety of options available to maintain robust health insurance markets by balancing access needs with the goals of controlling costs and attracting a healthy number of insurers.

RESOURCE:  Download our Health Care 1-pager and talking points!