Today marks the Fast of Esther on the Jewish Calendar. On this day, Jews everywhere commemorate the heroic actions of Esther and the fast she and her community took upon themselves in preparation to stand up for what was right, for rights, and to challenge those powers that would seek to trample them (Esther 4:16-17). 

As the fast approaches this year, many of us in the Jewish community are inspired to fast in the true spirit of Esther, to raise awareness for the rights of all those vulnerable among us. 

In alarm of new Immigration and Customs Enforcement actions, and a renewed concern over a second Executive Order restricting or banning travel from six countries, including refugees, we propose that people of conscience — regardless of faith or background — fast tomorrow as an act solidarity with a contemporary vulnerable community in our midst.

Thanks to VICPP supporter Rabbi Michael Knopf of our Richmond chapter for this invitation!
For more information about our Welcoming All initiatives, contact:
Lana Heath de Martinez
Welcoming All Coordinator, VICPP