We are posting this 44-page Sanctuary Toolkit, a pdf file which you can download, which was developed for Unitarian Universalist congregations considering offering physical sanctuary. Here is the link:



Angela Navarro, an undocumented Honduran-born immigrant with a deportation order, embraces her husband and son after moving into West Kensington Ministry Church with her family, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania November 18, 2014. Navarro, who has “always lived in fear” of deportation said on Tuesday she moved into a Philadelphia church as part of a national civil disobedience action aimed at pressing President Obama on immigration reform. Navarro is the ninth undocumented immigrant who has taken refuge in a church recently as part of what activists are calling the New Sanctuary Movement. Organizers offer sanctuary in churches because federal guidelines prohibit arrests in sensitive areas unless there is a threat to public safety or national security. REUTERS/Mark Makela (UNITED STATES – Tags: SOCIETY IMMIGRATION POLITICS RELIGION)