Worship and Prayer Resources

Online faith resources for worship & information

Interfaith scriptural references on resilience

Resources for Faith Communities to Fight Racism

We have compiled resources from national organizations and various faith traditions that we hope will be helpful to address issues of the systemic racism and stereotyping that is rooted in our history and continues to harm so many in the Commonwealth. You will find prayers, educational materials, videos, websites, tool-kits, and scholarship.

Interfaith Seder PDF 3 11 20

A sample service for conducting an interfaith Seder service focused on welcoming all.

Pentecost Prayer for Unity and Just Peace

Offered by the World Council of Churches

May Day Interfaith Vigil

Interfaith Prayer Service offered for our May Day event

Economic Justice Resources

Paystub fact sheets for workers, employers & congregational treasurers

Wage Theft Bulletin

Take action to stop wage theft. Here’s how you can help.

Sample Wage Theft Resolution

A sample wage theft resolution.

Wage Theft Survey (English)

Use this survey to capture how you were paid at your places of employment.

Wage Theft Survey (Spanish)

Use esta encuesta para capturar cómo le pagaron en sus lugares de trabajo.

Environmental Justice Resources

Health Equity Resources

Expanding Healthcare in Virginia

A toolkit for advocating for Virginia to expand healthcare for low-income families.

Virginia Faith Leader Statements on Medicaid Expansion

During a news conference on January 11, 2017, Virginia’s faith leaders spoke on how the health care expansion would affect their congregations and Virginia’s citizens.

Welcoming All Resources

Welcoming Immigrants Toolkit

A guide for how congregations can assist and support immigrants in Virginia.

Does Virginia have Inclusive or Sanctuary Cities?

Learn what sanctuary cities are and how cities in Virginia are classified.

Immigration Glossary

Understand the words and meanings used in immigration policies and standards.

Toolkit for Best Practices Sheriffs

This toolkit will help you educate people, get the information you need to assess how your sheriff treats people who are immigrants, and plan what you can do to establish best practice policies.

Toolkit to Defund Hate

Top 5 ways you can mobilize to stop detention, deportation, and border militarization.

Toolkit to End Family Separation

This toolkit will help support efforts to stop family separation at the U.S. border. Faith communities strongly oppose the administration’s policy of criminally prosecuting parents and forcibly separating them from their children.