The Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy (VICPP), together with faith leaders, congregations, and volunteers from across the Virginia, advocates for a variety of social justice issues at the Virginia General Assembly in Richmond.

Founded in 1982, VICPP has a long history of engaging people of faith to work to make Virginia a better and more just place for everyone. We are proud of our history advocating at the General Assembly and are thrilled that we’ve been able to play a role in some legislative successes that have benefited Virginians.

In 2018, we played an integral role in helping pass Medicaid expansion, which secured health care for over 400,000 Virginians. This successful passage of this legislation is one of the greatest legislative achievements for Virginians in a long time. We took the lead in making sure the faith communities voice was heard across Virginia and that that message was brought to Richmond at the right time.

In 2019, we helped pass two pieces of legislation to help prevent workers in Virginia from losing their wages, we look forward to building on our legacy of success on behalf of Virginians in 2020.

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