Priority Issues

Check out the key policy issues for the Center.


VICPP Advocacy Toolkit

Our toolkit includes an overview of direct advocacy: contacting your elected officials, tips on how to be effective when writing a letter to your legislator, and meeting with your legislator. There are also helpful templates on how to voice your concerns through letters to the editors and writing an Op-Ed. Lastly, some important “do’s” and “don’ts” of religious advocacy.


VICPP Guide to Virginia Politics

A legislative overview which includes:

  • Structure of Virginia’s Government
  • An Overview of the Legislative Process
  • How a Bill Becomes a Law
  • Virginia’s Budgeting Process


Faith and the Call to Advocacy

Should faith communities be involved in public policy? See our resource guide about the call to advocacy across Abrahamic Faith traditions. Other faith traditions also speak up for justice and you can too. If you are interested in receiving daily emails with prayers for legislators, be sure to indicate that when you sign up for emails.


Multimedia Resources:

Here’s why you should call, not email, your legislators