Tuition Equity Fact Sheet For 2019 GA

There has been an increase in anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric at the national level. This has trickled down around Virginia and both immigrants and Muslims report feeling targeted and fearful. This should not be in Virginia. VICPP believes Virginia must remain a welcoming state – welcoming immigrants and welcoming various faith groups. What state has a prouder history of freedom of religion than Virginia?

We also support efforts to strengthen reporting of hate crimes and vigilance against hate crimes.  We believe that federal legislation to broadly reform immigration policy must include citizenship for our undocumented residents, who are already contributing to our culture and economy. Offering Virginia residents full inclusion as citizens would boost the economy of Virginia and the U.S., boosting the economy of Virginia and the U.S. We cannot persist in a segregated society where some have rights but too many do not. As a practical matter in Virginia, we need to make sure that persons that are authorized or lawfully present in the United States are treated fairly.

The Center is working to develop a rapid response system that can respond quickly to threats against immigrants, Muslims and others; we want to support congregations and supporters of Virginia’s Sanctuary coalitions.

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