Jan. 10 – Day 2 of the General Assembly

The VICPP policy team was pounding the pavement at the General Assembly today focused on 2 issues…

(L-R: Ben Hoyne, Amanda Silcox, Kim Bobo)

1. Worker’s rights – stopping wage theft

They met with staffers from the offices of all 15 Commerce and Labor Committee members to discuss wage theft bills:
SB 1079 (Sen. Spruill, D-5th) Remove the Jim Crow language from the Virginia Minimum Wage Act
SB 1103
(Sen. Howell, D-32nd) Remove the exemption on piece work


2. Oppose the bill to allow weapons in houses of worship (SB 2014)

Our policy team and a group of dedicated volunteers delivered copies of the Op Ed opposing SB 2014 (Sen. Black’s bill that would allow weapons in houses of worship) “Please, No Weapons in Worship,” written by Pastor Rodney Hunter, Rabbi Knopf and Pastor Jim Somerville.


Call your State Senator and tell them to oppose SB 2014 and keep guns out of our houses of worship.

Link to find contact info. for your legislators


Ben Hoyne, VICPP Policy Director, was quoted in Washington Post story, “Advocates Seek Laws to Help Immigrants Drive.”

“Shoeshine boys, movie ticket takers, and newspaper boys were specifically written into Virginia code to be excluded and not be paid the minimum wage.”