Congregational Partners

The Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy advocates with and through a network of Congregational Partners. Partners are churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, seminary and undergraduate faith groups and other social justice organizations committed to partnering with each other and with the Virginia Interfaith Center for more effective public ministry and advocacy.

The Virginia Interfaith Center provides Congregational Partners with:

  • Resources, training and strategy for effective advocacy.

  • Skilled staff or board members for preaching and teaching.

  • Opportunities to communicate and collaborate with other congregations and faith communities across the state.

  • Regular legislative updates and alerts via email.

  • Representation in the halls of the General Assembly (and occasionally Congress).

  • Opportunities to communicate directly with legislators, including our annual Day for All People interfaith advocacy day (January each year).

  • Assistance in coordinating public or community forums.

Congregational Partners are encouraged to do at least one activity per year in each category:


  • Invite staff or board members from the Virginia Interfaith Center to teach and/or preach in your faith community.

  • Convene an advocacy study group related to your tradition’s scriptures or important texts.

  • Host a community forum (and invite elected officials) on a critical social issue.

Public Witness

  • Collect an offering of letters from members to legislators on one of Virginia Interfaith Center’s priority issues.

  • Send members to the Day for All People interfaith advocacy day in Richmond (in January).

  • Help organize or attend marches, rallies, or other courageous public actions.

Financial Support

  • Attend VICPP’s annual awards dinner and fundraising event (December).

  • Make the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy a line item in your faith community’s budget.

  • Collect a special offering for the Virginia Interfaith Center.



Please link to the following congregational resources to assist you in your advocacy and social justice ministries.


General Resources

Advocacy Toolkit:  A general toolkit on how you can lift your voice in the public sphere.




Worship/Prayer Resources

Interfaith_Seder1:  A sample service for conducting an interfaith Seder service focused on welcoming all.



Pentecost Prayer for Unity and Just Peace: Offered by the World Council of Churches

MayDayInterfaithVigil-2.docx  Interfaith Prayer Service offered for our May Day event

Issue Concern Resources

Expanding Healthcare in Virginia:  A toolkit for advocating for Virginia to expand healthcare for low-income families.



Welcoming Immigrants Toolkit.  A guide for how congregations can assist and support immigrants in Virginia.