In-State Tuition for All Virginians

Education is the backbone of a successful economy, family, and community. We pride ourselves in Virginia in dedicating significant resources to support educational opportunities for our children and grandchildren, whether that be in primary school or higher education. As Virginians, we know that an educated workforce benefits our Commonwealth in a multitude of ways; strengthening our communities, rewarding our economy, and supporting families. Unfortunately, we’re not allowing that same educational access to our friends, neighbors, and fellow congregants solely based off where they were born. Children that move to Virginia from the Southeast, Midwest or elsewhere in the United States are eligible to attend Virginia’s public colleges and universities after living here for one year. It does not make sense that children that moved to Virginia from abroad should be denied the same privilege. Whether born in Missouri, Montana, or Mexico, children that move to Virginia, grow up in Virginia, and want to stay in Virginia should be encouraged and supported in their educational achievements. Children born abroad are no different than children born a state or two away from Virginia. They are the future breadwinners of their families and of our communities. Foreign-born children strengthen our economy and our culture and it behooves us to encourage their educational advancement.

Through the leadership of the Virginia Intercollegiate Immigrant Alliance (VIIA), we’ve supported previous efforts to codify into Virginia’s legal code the ability for all Virginia residents to have the same access to in-state tuition for higher education. With VIIA at the forefront, we will continue to support these efforts in 2020.

We encourage you to contact your representatives at the Virginia General Assembly to support these efforts.

Please see our fact sheet here.